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Ashley has been a licensed cosmetologist for six years. Unlike most stylists, she had never experimented with cuts or color on herself or anyone else for that matter until she enrolled in beauty school. One might ask what made her want to be a hairstylist? She wanted a career that she could be proud of and have fun with. Helping clients feel good, and beautiful is a big plus!

Ashley prides herself on striving to be great and to give her clients the best possible hair experience each time they are in her chair. She continues her education often to expands her knowledge of new products and services to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Ashley specializes in haircuts and haircolor and enjoys both equally. “I believe in taking the time to invest in one’s self and a great start to doing so is taking time to invest in one’s hair. I mean let's face it, ‘Life is too short to have boring hair.’  That's the beauty of the hair industry, change is good and FUN! Be bold, be beautiful, and don't be afraid to make a statement with your hair! Happy clients give me life. Let's start this journey together!”

Let Ashley help you discover your hair, handcrafted!